1, 2, or 3…?

1, 2, or 3…?

What an inspiring video... Maybe I could start my own non-for-profit one day... How much longer until I know what to do?... So. Many. Thoughts.  This post goes out to my fellow students/graduates/mentors/anyone-who's-completed-something-significant followers. How did you know you wanted to pursue what you're pursuing? I find that there's so many options, so many opportunities, [...]

Act, out of love

Good morning followers! Wow! What a morning to wake up to. Where I am, the birds are singing, the trees are swaying in the breeze, and the sun is beaming through my windows - uh, can you say beautiful?! Well, this morning as I started my devotional reading, I knew in my heart that I [...]

The ‘Almost-Closed’ Door

The walking's got me wanting to run, so I did. My running led me to addiction. I've tried new avenues, routes, even paths, Somehow I've ended up in the same room. The walking continues, and paths are crossed. Please note: where you're headed and where I'm headed remains unknown. The walking will continue - one [...]

Holiday Snapshots

There I was, driving home. (and yes this post is nearly 3 weeks late, but there's a reason, I promise). For the first time I'd be driving myself home for the holidays. The snowflakes were nearly light flurries falling from the evening sky, and the Christmas carols were on full blast throughout the whole ride. I [...]

(Insert your own title here) – and no, that’s not a “default”

(Insert your own title here) – and no, that’s not a “default”

Happy Monday Everyone! As you have seen the title is in (parenthesis) for the purpose of YOU, the reader, to give a title to this poem yourself. I had written this poem late at 1:50am last Saturday night in the silence of the night with instrumental hymns playing in the room. Call it old school, it [...]

Who I am and why I’m here

Good Afternoon Readers! First off, I want to start by saying that I'm not an avid writer or reader, rather I am just an "average" young 20-something woman who appreciates inspirational thoughts, pictures, and believes in creating memories that can be preserved for days, and years to come. I want to share thoughts with you and the [...]