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Happy Monday Everyone!

As you have seen the title is in (parenthesis) for the purpose of YOU, the reader, to give a title to this poem yourself. I had written this poem late at 1:50am last Saturday night in the silence of the night with instrumental hymns playing in the room. Call it old school, it connected me to God in a way I hadn’t heard from Him in years. In my first post, I mention that I am not an avid writer or reader — when I was in high school, I used to write almost every week. It would be a poem, a song, or a short story, and I mean short. 

Here goes…

In the silence of the night
and the stillness of the calm,
The melody of love sings
as the stars shine all night long.

Each note played and each word sung,
echoes in the stillness as such,
The beauty of the peaceful certainty,
it comforts me much.

The verses build up and grow;
The voices resonate more clearly.
Singing praises in worship
to the God we love dearly.

For the intent of uplifting
The Lord’s name on high,
People come together
like a family – it feels right.

From various cultures, beliefs,
opinions, needs, and more.
Yet a common purpose is present,
seeking to fix and restore.

A something, a someone
who’d been broken in the past,
Looking for guidance, acceptance,
perhaps even a love that will last.

To all who are listening,
Here’s the greatest news you’ll hear:
Forget the hurt, forget the pain,
For the One, True God is ever near.


How were you encouraged?

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