Welcome to LifeisaBeaut!

An online journal of life lessons in hopes to grow your faith, walk with God, and will encourage you to share your story with the people in your sphere of influence.

My blog name became “LifeisaBeaut” because I wanted something easy to remember and catchy enough to remind people that life is a beaut – a beautiful remarkable and amazing thing (dictionary.com). Being a bubbly gal that I am, “beaut” just seemed to fit me perfectly, and I went along with it. Sometimes, my friends even greet me as “LifeisaBeaut!” because I greet my followers as my “beauts”! So I guess you can say, it’s a name I’ve identified with and others see me as an encourager who has a blog. Aka, a faith blogger that strives to encourage those who come across my blog or crosses paths with me in RLS’s.

Challenges are the best “life module” that will teach you more about you and how you handle what life throws at you. My hopes is that LifeisaBeaut will help shed some light on your situations through the life lessons God shows me.

I believe in real life situations (RLS’s) that strengthen our faith. Faith is something and someone bigger than we. God’s love, grace, and mercy come from God alone.

Thank you for stopping by and reading about how LifeisBeaut came to be. I hope that you’re able to find something to lift your spirits and help you see the light with where you’re at.

Much love,

Ashley ❤