Listen up!

A few weekends ago was a weekend I will remember for the rest of my life. I, as well as the youth of the church I attend away from home, went to a Youth and Young Adults Conference. Its title was, Plugged-in. Unplug from the world. Plug into the Word. Prior to the event, videos as well as other social media posts had advertised this event – which is what sets the tone, right?

My friend and I attended on Friday, apart from the rest of the group. Our youth had only planned on being there for the entirety of Saturday, but we were impressed to be there early. That night, before the pastor preached, he asked those who were “comfortable enough” to shut off their phone and place it on the front pew to his left for about 30 minutes while he spoke. Shuffling from around the sanctuary was heard and inevitably, perhaps 30 youth and young adults placed their phone on the front pew. The pastor said, “This weekend is a challenge to unplug from the world and plug into the word.” I sat there, as the worship atmosphere was set, asking God, God, what do you want me to learn this weekend? What is it that I need to be reminded of? The service went on, songs were sung, and the message was preached. That thought lingered throughout the night, up until Sunday, the day AFTER the conference…

Throughout my 20-something years, this first year of university has been one of the most faith-testing chapters of my life. From moving 3 hours away from home, to living with 4 other ladies in a house — I had a little bit of worry on my mind because I thought it would be a replay of my past “living-away-from-home” experience. The dream that’s been instilled in my heart has come alive and been enriched because of this school year. I almost “settled” with what God’s given me, but I realize that I’ve come to far to stop this far…

Friends, for me, it took a weekend to remember “Why I’m here”. For some, it may take a song, a poem, a vast view of nature; either way, if you’re willing and open to what God wants to tell you, be confident that you’ll hear what He has to say.

“Pause a moment, Job, and listen; consider the wonderful things God does.” – Job 37:14 

Challenge for you this week: take time to listen to God’s voice.


How were you encouraged?

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