Who I am and why I’m here

Good Afternoon Readers!

First off, I want to start by saying that I’m not an avid writer or reader, rather I am just an “average” young 20-something woman who appreciates inspirational thoughts, pictures, and believes in creating memories that can be preserved for days, and years to come. I want to share thoughts with you and the world and see what you get out of it. I’ve always been a dreamer, but somehow that’s as far as they would get  — they were never lived out. I want to share with you, what it’s like to be a “dreamer”, and how to give yourselves a meaning to “lifeisabeaut”. The definition of beaut is, “a particularly fine example of something” (thanks to good ol’ Mr. Google). So explore with me what it’s like to really LIVE, what it means to really LOVE, and share moments of LAUGHTER. For those that know me, my sense of humour is very light — meaning I laugh at everything.

Second, I believe “life happens” and we are not in control; we have control over how we react to what happens in our lives. That being said, I try to look at the positive side of life, even if it’s hard to see it through. I enjoy journalling. I’ve decided to start a “photo” journal — a keepsake of what I see as life happens. If I miss the opportunity to capture the moment, I hope to share it with you here. One’s life is a lifelong journal of memories, and I aspire to preserve every moment of it to remember how beaut-i-ful it really is.

Lastly, since sharing thoughts, ideas, and experiences is what I feed off of for inspiration, I encourage you to think about what I post. Your opinions are welcomed here 🙂

I look forward to documenting life with you.


– Lifeisabeaut.

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