I Can’t stop writing

I come in and out of wanting to write, and the book I started in August called “Love People Use Things” by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, also known as the Minimalists made me think about writing… yet again.

The reason why I started Lifeisabeaut in the first place was to share about what was happening in my life, kind of like an online journal with the purpose and hope that someone online would be encouraged by it. I’ve always enjoyed writing and I told myself…well, why not?

I’ve read Stephen King’s “On Writing, A Memoir of the Craft”, started reading “Everybody Writes” by Ann Handley, and bookmarked writing prompts, as well as have a journal with 300 writing prompts. When I bought that journal I told myself I would write at least once a week and that would help get my gears spinning… I’m facing the reality – I GIVE MYSELF ONE TOO MANY EXCUSES TO NOT WRITE.

I’m not even being hard on myself because it’s true. I make myself busier by finding a chore to take care of the house, I distract myself with chatting with friends, or I simply take a nap. Talk about avoidance much?! So when I came across the perspective on the attitude on writing from the Minimalists, it gave me a wake up call.

So for those that know, I’m in grad school working on my Masters in Exceptional Student Education with a focus in Applied Behaviour Analysis, I work part time as an autism therapy assistant, and we recently welcomed a new puppy into the family. (more to share on this soon; we did lose Cozmo in January this year and it’s taken a lot out of me to even share that online…). I do things, I keep myself occupied, but the reality is… I CAN’T STOP WRITING.

A metaphor about life I once wrote about in 2010 was that life can be looked at as a book – as long as we are alive, the book continues to be written. When we’re not doing anything, we’re still doing something, and that something sadly is… well “nothing”. When we’re sleeping, we’re likely dreaming; if you’re like me, you might not always remember your dreams LOL. I even got a Sleep Journal at the end of December last year so I can try to log them down.. but barely remembered them. But see… I was still writing, actually writing.

I believe being a writer is a gift and I am guilty for taking this gift for granted. I get lazy, I give myself excuses to believe I shouldn’t or don’t have time to write. So for that, I’m sorry to myself and sorry to God for not cultivating this gift enough.

So the thought you’re probably wondering about was this…

“All creatives must show up if they want to create. You see, just like ‘nurse’s block’, or ‘bricklayer’s block’, ‘writer’s block’ does not exist – unless you force it into existence. Of course, professional writers and artists and creators – the ones who make a living from their craft – know there is only one effective remedy for procrastination. Sit in the chair.”

Love People Use Things, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus.

I love sitting in the chair, I love writing my thoughts and reflections on paper (or typing them). It brings life to the words and looking back at them bring comfort to my soul. Knowing that someone out there might be blessed or encouraged by the words written in the order they are written brings hope to me. In the moment it’s hard to process the thoughts that are coming out, but when I start, it just starts to flow and well… that’s that.

I love writing, I can’t stop, I pray I don’t ever stop.

Please lift Lifeisabeaut up in prayer Beauts, I want to continue writing for all of you.

To God be all glory ❤ . Remember you were created with purpose and called to love.

— Ashley

How were you encouraged?

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