Standing in Line and the Woman at the Well

Read: John 4:1-26, Psalm 62:8

Is this who I am? is that what I represent? Of course not, but you all know a trip to Starbucks with a book, journal, my bible and laptop is a treat for me.

I’m told that I’m “fancy” and have this “café, music, chill” vibe. The more I hear this, the more I thought about it.

I’ve always been that busy-doing-something-always-schedule-time-with-me kind of gal. I love people and hearing their stories. While I listen, I hear God’s voice speaking through their experiences and in a unique God way, He leads me to scripture to affirm His promises in the person’s journey and mine. One of my best friends told me that I should write a devotional and to “train” my writing skills, I started LifeisaBeaut in 2015.

I praise God for all of the blogposts He’s helped me write and post. He’s led you all to y page to read about his goodness through my life and what’s going on.

I worried that I would run out of things to write about, but the opposite has transpired. There’s so much to write about, I have trouble choosing WHAT to write about! Most times I’ve taken hiatuses because much happens and I’m praying that that can change as God wills. My hopes is to do at least 2 blogposts a month to keep LifeisaBeaut active and connected with all of you who have been connecting with my page.

Story time…

I stood in line waiting for my coffee (half dark roast, half hot chocolate IYKYK) and took a quick scan of the other customers waiting in line. I smiled and chuckled beneath my mask. Why? you may ask…

I smiled because God spoke to me right then. I was heading to one of my favourite TAG time spots and was running late. I thought… Oh Ashley, how could you leave God waiting like this? Hurry up! You should’ve just made your own drink at home! But God stopped my train of the rabbit hole of regretful thoughts and “should’ve’s”.

Seeing those customers brought me back to the woman at the well.

The customers came to the cafe for one specific thing; they knew what to order and would go on their way to wherever they were supposed to go next. People went to the well to get water and then go on their way.

One of the worst things that could happen when you go to a cafe, is place your order only to find out that what you want has sold out or is no longer in stock.

I thought of the woman at the well because she went to the well for one thing – water. In my personal study I would say that she went there to be alone too. Being a woman with a man who isn’t even her husband and having some time to take a break away from her life and be in alone. Just when she thought she would be at the well all alone so people wouldn’t see her, Jesus did.

The woman hoped to be the only person at the well – going to a cafe expecting to get what you want. The woman met Who she least expected to meet, a Jew, a man who spoke to a Samaritan – I went to the cafe and heard God speak through people watching.

I mentioned the worst that could happen when your order sells out. Thankfully that didn’t happen, and the best thing happened – getting what you least expected to get, and more. I just wanted to get my drink and leave, but I got a moment of reflection and a message from God. The woman at the well was there and received more than she went there for. God reignited the importance of spending TAG with Him, God reassured the woman then she was seen.

All I wanted was my drink and TAG time, God gave me insight and blessed me with a smile. All she wanted was some water, God gave her reassurance and a testimony. Today is a day you can have more of God. Tap into His word my Beauts, it’s a place that will never sell out or run out of life-giving lessons that you can take with you from now until Jesus returns. Here’s to more stories ❤ .

— LifeisaBeaut ❤

How were you encouraged?

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