Rediscovering God

Hey Beauts!

I started reading “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren this morning. I stumbled on it when I was putting books away and I believe the Lord impressed upon me to give this book a try again.

For about 5 weeks, my parents had been away to the Philippines and my brother and I were home with our new puppy. (FREEDOM!!!!) Jokes aside, it was also a long break from classes which meant I could do more of what I like to do outside of work and working out. Ever since Cozmo passed away, my whole schedule changed and when we welcomed Theo into the family, even more change happened. During the last 5 weeks, I spent my time taking pictures of old furniture and clutter that seemed to take up more space than function in the house, and discovering furniture and decor online. I made several trips to Value Village, Talize, and had my eye out for items that could be recovered for more years to come.

It was in these 5 weeks that my longing for God has become so strong, that I’m shaking my head asking myself, “how did you get here?” Here, as in I’m doing what I can to stay connected to God, plugging into my small groups, and checking in with my mentors, but why do I keep wanting more? Maybe I have over packed my life with things to do? Maybe I avoid what I need to focus on? Maybe I’ve been beating around the bush for too long? I may be connected to God, but perhaps I’m not being receptive enough.

When I spoke to my mentor mama and prayer partner, I recognized a revelation in the Samaritan woman’s story when she met Jesus at Jacob’s well (John 4:1-26). There was this continual longing for God because the well of Living Water within me can never run out of water to outpour. I admit, I don’t always embrace what God is trying to do through me because I get tired and feel drained, perhaps even fully empty. But thanks be to God that He does not stop trying to pour back into me. With all the reorganizing and clearing out that was done to refresh the look and feel of my parents’ house, I felt this deep peace in my heart – home cannot be purchased, it is created and is nurtured to maintain. Home is Jesus.

So as I embark the next 40 days in this book, my hope and prayer is to rediscover God as He would have me rediscover Him. The last time I read through this book, I was on the brink of discovering His will for my career path. I am here today to testify that God had given me clarity for it and I’m living His will in the work that I do. I couldn’t have done it without my mentors’ guidance, as well as personal prayer and fasting.

I invite you to give God a try again. Rediscover Him, His love and through that journey, I can tell you from experience, that He will shine in your life more than you can imagine. It’s free too, you don’t need a subscription, extra shipping fees, or a minimum of business days to discover what is already residing in you.

God knew before we could even think it, that:

“In Him we have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined according tot he purpose of Him who works all things to the counsel of His will.”

Ephesians 1:11

LifeisaBeaut ❤

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