Wednesday Wisdom – Encouragement of a Friend

Hey all!

I know this isn’t a “Monday Motivation” post you were hoping for, but I blame my procrastination on assignments and meeting with friends! That said, I’m hoping to have an End-of-the-Week recap + either a Motivation Monday or Wednesday Wisdom post for ya!

Every week one of my friends from back home, texts me and says, “Can we pray?” This has become a habit and a weekly phone call we have committed to, to be accountable for one another and as an encouragement.

This morning, I woke up with several text messages from friends. Several were messages from last night I hadn’t seen until waking, while two of them stood out to me.

The first one said,
“Your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” – FB.

The second one said,
“Please pray for me, I’m in need of faith.” – AA

After actually getting out of bed and getting myself ready for the day, it was almost impossible to smile at my reflection in the mirror. Still in the bedhead state, my heart had already been filled with love. From the previous night, praying and being prayed for someone close to me, to receiving a motivating text and a request to pray for another friend.

That’s how love works guys and gals – it happens when you’re willing to love. Once you’ve gained something, you should willing to share what you’ve gained. It’s like learning how to play an instrument. Once you’ve mastered playing a musical piece, you can’t help but want to share the piece as a whole, to someone to listen and appreciate the work you’ve done.

Challenge: find someone to share a little gesture of love today. It’s as simple as sending a text message to a friend you haven’t reached out to in a while!

Happy loving!


How were you encouraged?

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