Wednesday Wisdom – Being There

Hey Followers! I know this is late in the day to be posting, but trust me… continue reading and you’ll get a sense of why it was worth the wait.

Today’s Wednesday, the middle of the week, ‘hump day’ as some call it. Starting like a regular day, wake at 7am. Press the snooze button, get up to turn alarm off. Get out of bed, stretch, yawn, walk over to restroom, brush teeth, wash face, get dressed for morning workout, eat banana, workout, shower, get dressed, get out and start the work/school day.

Typically after my morning workout, I’d have breakfast. However, today, there was an emergency. I had looked at my phone and received a missed call and several text messages from one of my friends who expressed her frustration in being ‘lost’ downtown and now late for a volunteering commitment. Fortunately and conveniently enough, I had planned for my Christmas baked treats to be delivered today right after breakfast. I called my friend back and asked for her specific location. She sounded very uneasy and my gut told me go get her and drive her to where she needs to be. So that’s what happened. That’s how my day actually  started.

I made it to my lost friend, and drove her to where she needed to be. Her detour to the wrong destination caused her to be just over 1 hour later than the start time of the volunteer shift. During the ride, she was expressing her stress about how long it would take for her to complete some online components for a class, as well as complete and assignment before tomorrow — this is what we students have to endure 😦 All I could say was, “Just pace yourself, and God knows where you are already.” Her response was, “That’s exactly it. I take today like a lesson about making sure I just trust my gut and go with the first location I was supposed to be at. But because of this detour and getting lost, I feel God is telling me I need to plan better for next time and go with my gut!”It’s obvious that she was grateful for the frustration, but seemed more calm after talking it out.

As the rest of the day unfolded, it became more and more evident to me that everyone needs someone. We go through our day as if we own it, and have no one to be accountable for us. My friend was so harsh on herself about not finding the right location, getting lost, being late, and even getting me to get her. I was brought back to a place I once was – regretful, ashamed, and needy. The reality is this: no matter how harsh we get towards ourselves, God will and is always accepting of us to help us get back to where we need to be. Whether it be in our spiritual walk with Him, focusing to study for Final exams, getting in tune with driving while passing an accident, and even when we’re watching a TV show and our phone lights up. We’re brought back to where we need to be because we’re called to “be there”.

Be there for…

Your friend who hasn’t slept in 16+ hours nor eaten since yesterday.
Your neighbour who needs help bringing the recycling and garbage to the curb.
The stranger at the gas station who left the tank door open.
The student who dropped their USB stick in the hall.
The librarian who seems to be having a stressful day because they can’t find the book placed on the reserved – it was misplaced by a co-worker.
The child with a learning disability who gets frustrated with reading and writing.
The prof who sits in their office, awaiting your warm greetings and friendly conversation.
The bus driver who encounters students’ foreheads and LCD-reflected faces, one stop after the next.

That’s just to name a few I engaged with throughout the day. By returning the call of my lost friend, the rest of the day progressed much smoother because of the tone that was set early on.

Challenge: Set the tone to be there!


How were you encouraged?

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