Week Recap

Sunday: From a 4-ish or so hours spent at Starbucks working on a research project, turning into a very deep conversation with a new friend about life, love, and goals.

Monday: Class, work, placement. Pretty typical for a Monday if you know what I mean.

Tuesday: Short seminar, lunch, work, Spin class ^_^ (Because nothing ends a Tuesday evening better than a 45-hour stationary bike class!)

Wednesday: Seminar, met up with new friend for research paper questions, and then brought the CRV to get repaired. Yes, I was rather nervous. One: the mechanic I went to was recommended to me by a friend and all I knew of them was their location and that they had good deals. Completed homework, caught up with the roomies, and then went to placement.

Thursday: Typically this is my shortest day because I’ve only got one class, then work for a few hours. Sadly, feeling noxious, I stayed home while class was in session – slept in until about 10am, and thankfully recharged and went to work for a few hours. I pushed myself on this night, to get the most work I could complete before Friday; my family would be coming to visit and I wanted to enjoy their company the most I can!

Work was a blessing; the students I work with are all so individual – I get support stoked about observing and recording the progress my students make with their time, organization, and study skills1

Friday: This was it, the last day of the week to complete ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. My family was planning to visit nearby, inciting me to meet up with them and enjoy a Christmas-on-Ice performance! I am so thankful for this opportunity to be entertained by singers, skaters, and dancers sharing the traditions, songs, and joy of Christmas.

That night, my cousin and I hit nostalgia by spending a few hours at the 24-hour Starbucks, simply catching up! Out of all honesty, you’d be surprised with how much going out over tea or coffee leaves a lasting impression. It saddens me to realize that our generation does not give time

Saturday: Activity-packed day! From church + children’s story + lunch with my family, to driving 2 hours and making in on time for a youth program to start – it was an overall good day!

Day of the week: Definitely Saturday. The fact that the service at church was highly suited for what I had been taught years ago – the Prodigal son who ends up coming back to his dad did so because he lost all his senses, he basically lost touch of what he was doing! He lived away from his family and one day realized that he was nothing. Material things don’t by the love of a parent.

As the day continued, every minute was spent with the people I needed to be with for today.

“Every minute matters, so let each one be counted in the capsule of today.

– LifeisaBeaut ❤ 

How were you encouraged?

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