Get this: You Are Wanted

You crave love. You long to be accepted. You want to feel encouraged. You want, want WANT!

This post is inspired by Robin Jones Gunn and Alyssa Joy Bethke’s book, “Spoken For”. The titles of these posts are directly taken from the book (with a little modification on my part) each a reflection of how I’m personally growing closer to Jesus. I pray that as you read, you are reminded of who you are and whose you are 🙂 I’d love to hear from you. Send me an email or comment below ❤


These eyes.
These eyes that glisten when they reflect the rays of the sun,
have taken glances into what life could mean.

These eyes.
These eyes I look deep into as I stare in the mirror,
are the eyes God blessed me with to see, who He is, where life and love is.

These eyes.
These eyes that cannot see God, but long for Him,
are the only pair I get, what I do with them – my choice.

Your eyes.
Your eyes that see the deepest parts of me,
have known me in my mother’s womb.

Your eyes.
Your eyes that see me as a treasured possession,
claim me as Your peculiar treasure.

Your eyes.
Your eyes that meet mine,
when I seek You with all my heart.

These eyes.
These eyes that need correcting,
with spectacles that can only do so much.

These eyes.
These eyes limited with the sight of what the world has to offer:
empty promises, money, success, more of this and that.

These eyes.
These eyes that need Your help
to see beyond the walls of my corner.

Your eyes.
Your eyes that draw me close,
in my brokenness, incompleteness, and doubtful heart.

Your eyes.
Your eyes that know everything about me,
inside and out – whose thoughts toward me are countless as the grains of sand on the seashore.

Your eyes.
Your eyes that are for me and not against me,
providing for all my needs – you help me see.

These eyes.
Your eyes.
Our eyes.

I pray that when people see my eyes, they see the beauty of the love I’ve found in You. The love that offers the ultimate expression of laying the life of Your Son, for me. The love that accepts me despite my insecurities and worries. Your love never fails to remind me how much I mean to You. Thank you for always drawing me back to You in times I want to run away. You are the strength in my weakness, the light in my darkness (sounds like a song… 😛 ), no really You are. You are my comfort when I need a hug, my music when I can’t find words to express my heart; You are my home, and You want me.

The greatest gift: Your love for me is not based on my love for you. (1 John 4:10)

“We offer nothing to God. He isn’t after our success. He wants our heart. Our repentance. Our dependence on him.” – Vaneetha Rendall Risner

“We were created to be in community with God and with others. He has reached out to us so that we might know who we are and whose we are.” – Alyssa Joy Bethke

It takes giving yourself up, and giving it all to God, like actually surrendering yourself and giving yourself to God. It took Alyssa years to heal from her feelings of rejection, but hey, she made it. And so can you!

“Until one night I finally gave up. I gave it all to the Lord – my heart, my dreams, my longings, and this guy. I was done. I couldn’t bear the rejection anymore. I asked God to take over and mend my heart. To show me His unfathomable love and how He wants me. I didn’t heal overnight. The feelings didn’t go away immediately, and the loneliness and hurt still stung. But slowly the Lord revealed Himself to me. Slowly the Lord showed me how deeply He loved and cherished me, how He was ultimately the Love of my life. And slowly the Lord helped me to move on.”

You are wanted.

-LifeisaBeaut ❤

Shoutout to my OGs Kim and Jhona featured in the feature photo and for just loving and accepting me, for me. ❤ Love you guys!


  • Describe a time when you were wanted and what that felt like.
  • Think about a time you were left out or rejected. How did you handle the hurt?
  • How do you think God feels as he waits for us to come to Him?
  • If you have given your life to Christ, recall what that moment was like for you?
  • If you haven’t made the decision to enter into a relationship with Christ, the Bridegroom, you can do that by praying a simple prayer to invite Him into your heart. Why not do so right now? It will be the beginning of your epic love story.

How were you encouraged?

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