What’s up Ahead is What We’re Waiting For

Happy New Year Beauts!

As my first post of 2023, I feel it’s fitting to share that the word of the year is #Believe ! Believe because last year’s word was #Trust – the hope was to rebuild my trust in God and 2022 became the year to rebuild everything: my finances, my work life, my friendships, and my journey with the Lord. I wanted #Believe to be the word of the year because the process of reminding myself to trust God and trust others took believing that I can trust God and others. Having lost my best friend, Cozmo in January 2022, I felt like a huge part of my life was taken away. As I processed through the grief and remembered all the good times. Losing Cozmo was not all sad, it was a celebration of how beautiful life has become.

Celebrating Theo’s first New Years Eve with us!

Rolling into 2023, I worried about what the beginning of the year would be like. No more Cozmo, but here’s Theo. A pup full of life, energy and never fails to snuggle to cuddle and ker-plop in front of me when I get home from being out. This year, thus far, has been one where I would have to learn to believe in what I can do – in what God can do in and through me.

Two other things I can celebrate as we hit the middle of February, is that I am not officially a graduate student and will be celebrating my longest work anniversary in March! (3 years!) I’m grateful for where life has led me, today. They say “the world is your oyster” and yet why was I, despite of these accomplishments, feeling empty and needing more?

While reading the verse of the day,

“Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established”

Proverbs 16:3

I realized that my plans and hopes were filled with excitement and joy, there was a hint of fear and worry beneath it all. Plans like…. “in this many months, I can save up to have my own space”, yet worried if I can actually meet those financial goals; “when this thing starts at work, I’ll feel better about what I’m doing”, while wondering when that turning point would happen. The fear of the unknown and fear for the future has always been tough space to be in. Thankfully this mindset doesn’t last as long as it used to, but it still clouds my mind at times and causes me to lose sleep.

So as the Lord led me to mediate on the verse of the day, there are some quick lessons He wanted me to take away from this time:

Continue with the assignment God has given me. Be that at work, at home and within the community. Being where I am in life right now us attributed to all of the assignments that came before. My responsibility is to stay on track with the assignment until a new one is given. Continual effort will go a long way, I believe it!

Consider what the future can look like. Having a vision and picture of what’s up ahead brings excitement, joy, and hope! Committing plans and taking steps to progress towards the possibilities is an enticing space to be in! Intentional surrender covers us with peace in knowing that I have a plan, but the ultimate execution of it comes from the Master Planner.

Faithfully practice tithing as consistently as possible. While I wish I can say I’m a faithful tithe-giver, I’m not. That’s something I never thought I’d be posting on my blog, but hey it’s real life. It’s been a tough practice when bills and expenses are waving at me from afar despite trying to avoid the spending. I feel like this area of adulting needs more care and attention, and if I want to do things, go places – I’ve gotta get disciplined with this. (pray for me, y’all!)

Value the people and opportunities that come my way. Anticipating what’s ahead can often deter my focus from what’s right in front of me. Shifting the focus and practicing gratitude to appreciate people and opportunities can help me stay grounded in the present, celebrating the “now”. After all, the “now” is all I have for now 🙂 . Need I say more?

What’s up ahead is what we’re waiting for, but what’s right here, right now is what we can celebrate. I encourage you to commit your hopes, dreams, and plans to God. So yes, plan, research, and be excited! BUT… leave them with the Master Planner of all plans. The Word says, they WILL be established.

–LifeisaBeaut ❤

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