Dear Beaut…

You have been prayed for.

I don’t know you yet, but God has.
He’s known you before we even met.
He sees your struggles,
He sees the battles you’ve got to face.
He knows your wants and needs,
And He’ll provide for both if He hasn’t already.

Maybe you’re lost and wanting to reconnect;
Maybe you’re connected but feel distant.
Maybe you’re trying to “find yourself”
because you’ve been lost in yourself.
Maybe you’re confused about your purpose;
Maybe you’re living your purpose but feel out-of-place.
Maybe you’re wondering if there’s something more than this…
“There’s got to be something more than this.”

Maybe you’ve been hurt too many times,
You don’t care to try again at building relationships.
Maybe you’ve always been on the sidelines,
You wonder if anyone would every notice you.
Maybe you’ve wanted to start the conversation,
You hesitate because it felt awkward before, why try again?

Dear Beaut,

You are prayed for. You are loved with an everlasting love. I don’t know you yet, but you’re reading this because I believe God sent you to read this today, in this very moment. I’ve always wanted to reach people through my blog – people like you. Searching for meaning in life, wondering if things could ever get better. My beaut, things ARE getting better, and it’s because we have a God who is better than we ever can be.

You are blessed to be alive. Embrace the life you’ve been given <3.

  • — Ashley

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