You Are Covered

The beautiful thing about having a Parent who understands you and has never-ending patience and unconditional love – is that it never runs dry.

If you’re like me, you know what it’s like to have endless expectations piled on top of you. When it comes to taking care of others, I have a really hard time saying no. I’m that person that you get comfortable opening up with because I’m naturally a friendly and encouraging, cheery person. That’s just me. But what happens when I’m not all that good and not all smiles? I’m the one who needs to be acknowledged and appreciated when I contribute to something, and when I don’t I feel useless.

Just like everyone else, your girl has feelings and struggles to make it through each day. The last 7 months have been those of the hardest yet most exciting of my entire life. I’ve graduated, travelled, managed a camp office, and learned to take steps forward with courageously. I’ve taken on responsibilities at work and in ministry that overwhelm me, and I truly believe every opportunity is growing me to be the daughter God has called me to be.

This post may sound a little boastful, but just know that’s not my intention. I want to share my life with you because I know there’s someone reading this who needs to know that it’s gonna be okay. Not just that, but that behind the #QOTDs, “beaut moments” and fitness clips – I’m just your average 20-something year old who’s looking for more – more achievements, acceptance, and most importantly, community.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I was dedicated to my daily #QOTD posts. It started when I started reading this book a good friend of mine gave me called, “Second Chances”. The book is comprised of true-to-life stories of real people who overcame real situations and learned to trust God and have faith in the “second chance” they received. Here’s a quote from one of the stories:

“By the way, you take similar steps of trust daily, even hourly. You believe the chair will support you, so you set your weight on it. You believe water will hydrate you, so you swallow it. You trust the work of the light switch, so you flip it. You have faith the doorknob will work, so you turn it.” – Max Lucado, Second Chances

I share this quote because it has practical lessons I believe you and I can apply into our lives. Moreover, I’m learning to apply them in my life daily.

  • Stepping out in faith everyday to make it to work safely requires having trust in the fact that the car will start when I turn the ignition
  • Hoping that one person is encouraged to keep on keepin’ on when they see that post
  • Expecting that client will actually open and read the email I send
  • Trusting my efforts at work will be for the better of the organization
  • Believing my friends will see the character of Jesus through me
  • Loving the people in my corner because they’re alway here to back me up when times get rough

Those are just a few examples of trust opportunities in a day.

What about the simplest things in a day that we forget actually matter? Like the fact you have breath in your lungs? Or the blessing of being able to hear the blowing of the wind in the quiet of the night? What about the sunshine that warms you up and melts the frozen ice out there?

I dedicate this post to my brother, who never fails to believe in me and encourage me with his no-filter comments and reality checks. He’s shown me that I can trust him, laugh with him, and really just be myself without the expectation of doing the same for him. I mean I hope he trusts me. But he’s honestly the best thing that’s ever been placed in my life, sorry best person in my life. He makes me angry, makes me laugh, and knows how to cheer me up when I feel like the world is ready to run me over.

About to chow “Rice and Dough” at Grand Canal Mall aka Venice In Philippines. (we’re talking sushi and pizza!)

My bro, if you’re reading this, I hate to be all mushy gushy and stuff, but I LOVE YOU! haha sorry for embarrassing you (if this post does), but know you are loved and appreciated. You remind me and show me that love is unconditional, just like our Heavenly Father’s. I freak out and vent at you, (like any sister would to their little brother), and often forget to tell you how much I appreciate you.

So here’s to the simple things in life that mean the most. Here’s to the things right under your nose that you fail to see everyday because you’re too busy fulfilling other people’s agendas and plans. Here’s to keeping first things first and remembering that you are covered.

7 months ago, you would never know that I’d be where I am today. 7 months ago, you, too may not be where you are right now. Are you more successful? or are you in a bigger mess that you want to be? Here’s the comforting promise:

“The steps of a man are established by the Lord, when he delights in his way; though he fall, he shall not be cast headlong, for the Lord upholds his hand.” – Psalm 37:23-24.

Stop trying to be someone or something for someone. Stop worrying if you’re going to make it. Stop wondering if “this is the right thing” because you know what? You’re there and you’re the way you are because you’re being shaped in a way that you will glorify the One who made you and brought you here in the first place.

You are covered.

When you forget that God loves you, He finds a way to remind you.

Much love.

-LifeisABeaut ❤

“Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most powerful.” – Craig Denison, First 15, Solitude with Immanuel (Dec 21, 2018).

2 thoughts on “You Are Covered

  1. All I can say … this made my night; Specially when it’s been hard to move on, when you feel like you’re drowning… it’s even hard to look up and say thank you for the simple things (even tho, those are the most important things/ like breathing) but your words just reinforced his words in my heart and my mind, and gives me one more time the assurance that I’m not alone in this journey… thank you 🙏🏻

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