Just be. Just live. Just love.

A poem on self-reflection, worth, and perspective.

The raindrops patter throughout the neighbourhood.
As each minute passes, the drops increase,
In number and in size.
It’s like someone’s turning up the rain volume
and it’s the only thing I can hear.

A neighbour’s car door opens and closes, the car starts and
–goodbye. Where are they off to? I don’t know. How would I know?

I see sparrows hop-hopping across the street in a driveway,
I listen closely and a crow…crows? Do they even ‘chirp’?
Who knows… 
It made the sound a crow makes.

LOUDER NOW, the rain encapsulates my senses.
The air refreshes my lungs with positivity as I exhale negativity.

The drops accumulate into puddles and the ground soaks.

The breeze cools my bare feet and the sound soothes my anxious heart.

A few weeks ago I was overwhelmed, stressed without a cause.
Now, sitting in the same spot, I find peace. I’m calm.
I’m listening, not making a sound, trying to listen even closer.

I look up from my journal.
Puddles form at the end of the driveway,
gutters gushing out loads of rainwater, soaking the grass and plants in people’s lawns.

The rain volume speaks all.
For some, this is white noise,
for me, right now, it’s a call; a nudge
to listen, listen closely.

This is the surest I’ll ever be,
that I am a child of God, see:
I don’t belong to me; I have a Father watching over me.
He allows me to see what I can’t see,
Showing me the character I must be.

Loving, patient, kind;
Not envious nor full of pride.
Not rude, nor selfish, nor provoked, nor does evil.
But rejoices in truth, bears, believes, hopes, and endures things… and more!
The highlight and life mantra is: LOVE NEVER FAILS!

My Father doesn’t bail when I’m stuck in a rut.
He tells me to wait before I u-u-utter words from my heart,
because sometimes they’re not true,
especially when the Devil LIES to me.

Take heed and do not give ear to the Father of all lies.
I choose to die for Christ because, that, He did for me.

He said, “I came from God, He sent me.”
Satan, a murderer from the start,
speaking lies all the time, perfected like an art.
But do listen when the rain falls,
mute the notifications, answer no calls.
In that moment of “almost silence”
the sun peeks through the clouds.
The rain, quiets down, volume is no longer LOUD.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and just breathe.


The rain stops, all that’s left is the emptying of gutters.
I’m amazed at how many words I have uttered, no longer stuttering.

On these pages, my God,
how and why did I take time
to write out my thoughts and heart cries?
Could it be, God…speaking through the raindrops?
Holy Spirit, I’m here, tell me to stop.
To stop worrying, and be anxious for nothing.

The rain stops and now more birds sing.
Back to the birds always praising and singing their songs.
I could sit out here and listen, like, ALL DAY LONG.
But that’s not my purpose, no,
I can’t do that.
My calling’s to work with compassion, a fact.
Still unsure of the future, heck, will I EVER know?

One thing’s certain:
My steps – my Father shows;
One left, one right, continue this journey
with eternity in mind – that’s what my WORTH is.

When my Father gave His only Son,
to be the gateway for me
to be the chosen one.
Of a generation, to obtain mercy from Him
Who gave up His life, knowing no sin.

I woke up with my day plan in mind,
but now am refreshed to look up at the sky.

The rain has stopped, the sky is clearing.
This blessing of peace and a future
is worth relearning.

Look up from your workphone, and TV,
You’d be surprised at the things you’ll see.
Discover the world around you, my friend,
You don’t know how your story will end.

Have hope, faith, and love.



July 27, 2017.

— LifeisaBeaut ❤


3 thoughts on “Just be. Just live. Just love.

    1. Wow! Thanks for taking the time to read it through 🙂 Just for inspiration/writing juice — how would you define “love”?


      1. I think love can be defined differently for different situaitons, but speaking generally, “love” is an emotion or an action that is positive in nature. It’s not always the easieste choice, but it’s the best choice. In the case of anxiety, responding with love is not allowing yourself to get caught in that negative emotion, but choosing a positive reaction instead. Gentleness, kindness, patience… all of these words could define love. 🙂

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