Stop. Wait. Then Go.

Gramps ❤

Cozmo is turning 11 years old in exactly 1 month. He used to be this energetic, spunky and charismatic pup, once upon a time.

As the years and months go by, his excitement dwindled to a distressing bark, and a slight tail wag. He used to run to other dogs while we walked, and couldn’t wait to greet them and make a friend. But now, nope. He’s not like that anymore.

We used to be able to walk around the block and some, but now, all we do is walk down less than 1/4 of the block and walk back (sometimes just half of the 1/4). His energy and strength has died down, and it saddens me.

While at home, walking to his water bowl sometimes can even be a struggle. The vet says it could be arthritis, which comes with age and we should not worry. And I’ve kind of worried in the past, but I know it’s part of the aging process. Sigh. I’ve accepted that he’s ‘just getting older’ and this is just part of him ‘getting older’. However, there’s a behaviour that my family and I have noticed while we walk. Most of us simply see it as annoying because we just want to get back home and continue whatever it was we had been doing before going out to walk Cozmo; sometimes we tug on him so he just starts walking, just so we can go home. I’m the intuitive thinker… so I pondered his behaviour and imagined what Cozmo could be thinking…

Cozmo now walks ever so slowly, and often stops and just stands there. He isn’t sniffing anything, nor aiming to get anywhere – he’s literally just standing there. So I call him my Little Gramps. He limps every so often, too, so I call him Limpy Lou…This is love guys! LOL

Remember the saying, “Stop and smell the roses”? (or coffee – for you coffee lovers LOL). This implies that we should stop this go, go, go pace and slow down for a brief second. In my head, I’m like okay Cozmo… let’s go. I have some things I’ve gotta do at home. Ugh, laundry, watch another episode of Gilmore Girls, read another chapter of the book I’m reading… let’s go! But, as I stared at him, I couldn’t help but shake my head and think… wow Coz, you’re one smart cookie. When was the last time I actually STOPPED and ‘smelled the roses’? Profound lesson from walking a dog, eh?

We live in this society that never sleeps. We walk through our days like we don’t want them to end. We have this lifestyle of having so much to do, so much to accomplish in so little time. Will it ever end?

Cozmo reminded me that life isn’t about getting to your destination/completing a task as fast as possible. Rather, it’s the journey and the process that comes along with the experiences and lessons you gain from it.

Paul writes in Romans 12: 2, “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” Our bodies are living sacrifices to God, and if giving up our strength to be renewed by Christ isn’t enough, I don’t know what is. Paul emphasizes that this ‘sacrifice’ is a “holy, acceptable, and reasonable service” to Him. This means even our obligations and responsibilities. Those things you had to do at home, work, or school – it all belongs to Him. Remember that.

I pray that this post is a reminder to you all, to step away from the tasks at hand for a brief second, and pray for a transformation and renewing of your mind. Set your goals and dreams for 2017 and the rest of your life, the the hands of God. You will not be disappointed.

Shoutout to Cozmo for being so inspiring 😉

-LifeisaBeaut ❤

One thought on “Stop. Wait. Then Go.

  1. As I am entering the full swing of final exam season (you know that “pre” stage right before it, when every one of your professors has multiple assignments due at the same time because they want to fit it in before finals? Yeah, that’s me right now), I really needed to hear this!


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