Lessons Learned in University, Thus far

This post is inspired by BU’s post on ‘Things you Learn About Yourself while in University, by Abbey Morris. http://www.studentpowered.ca/things-you-learn-about-yourself-while-in-university/

In the last paragraph of this post, Abbey concludes, “Discovering who you really are is what university is all about.”

This is just SO TRUE. Hence the SUPER long delay on my next blogpost here. I’m SO SORRY! Today’s the last day of Final Exams, and I PROMISE (wow, I just said ‘promise’) that I will post at least 2x per week throughout the Christmas break! I’ll have more time to think, reflect, and share some life lessons that I hope you, too, may gain something from 🙂

So here it is, in a nutshell. Lessons learned in university, in addition to all the things Abbey had mentioned in her post. (BTW, check out studentpowered.ca when you get the chance! Brock’s got a whole team of bloggers with stories, ideas, and tips on anything and everything that happens in the life of a uni student.

  1. Look up and smile at people, it might just be what that other person needs. On the plus side, you’re decreasing your own stress by doing this. (https://blog.bufferapp.com/the-science-of-smiling-a-guide-to-humans-most-powerful-gesture)
  2. Don’t assume things about people. Be honest and upfront. What have you got to lose? #intentional
  3. Appreciate the mistakes you’re making. You’re learning from them, duh! #nuffsaid
  4. Encourage others. Stuck in a rut? Text or message a friend and see how they’re doing. It’ll help you forget about what you’re struggling with and realize that you’re NOT ALONE.
  5. Try something new. This year I tried something new by working in ‘respite’. What’s that? It’s basically relieving PSWs/caregivers who are working with individuals with disabilities. I definitely came out of my comfort zone while working in this field, and I learned things about myself such as: I’m actually pretty patient, I realized that children know how to tug at my heart strings, I love cafes (wait, I think I knew that already… LOL)
  6. Be honest with yourself. If there’s something that you’re not liking, drop it and reassess/change what needs to change and go with it. I dropped my first university class, that was kind of required to graduate… mainly because I really couldn’t engage myself in the class… As much as I had tried, it was just nearly impossible to do so because of my lack on interest. Note: If you’re not ‘in’ it, you’re not gonna get ‘with’ it. #ohsnap
  7. Laugh at yourself. Oh, my roomies know this about me. I laugh at my own jokes, and most of the time, when they’re laughing, they’re not laughing AT my joke — they’re laughing AT the fact that I’m laughing at my joke, which obviously wasn’t sooooo funny. (Idk what they’re thinking, my jokes are too good!) LOL
  8. Get outside. I’ve got to say, this was the year/semester that I’ve spent the most time outdoors as possible. Just in the Autumn alone, I think I went out for a hike at least 5 times within 2 months… What can I say? It’s a breath of fresh air. Literally. LOL
  9. Write it out. My friends call me the “Journal Queen”. I write, often. I am a strong advocate for writing things down, and not just to-do lists… I’m talking about recording what happens in your life, your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams, your prayers, and your goals. It makes a difference, 1, 2, 5, days, months, years from now. I still have some journals from when I was in grade 11! (yeah… believe it). No, this is not hoarding LOL. It’s a way of remembering how much you’ve grown and changed through the years. It’s a great way to look back and understand that who you are today is the product of the choices and actions you made yesterday and the years prior.
  10. Love. Love is defined in so many ways. But for me, the definition of ‘love’ has been ironed out this year: it’s a verb, an action, that comes after making a choice. As a Christian, I believe that I am loved because God chose to create me because He wants to love me. He gave me His only Son to die for me so that I may live. God IS love (1 John 4:8) and the reason why I love, is because He first loved me (1 John 4:19).

Well, there you have it. Lessons learned in university thus far. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s here.

Comment and share with me what you’ve learned thus far! It could be throughout the semester or the year of 2016. What is it that you’ve gained more insight on this year?

-LifeisaBeaut ❤

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