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This September, I started off with a ‘Reflection’ post – looking back at how far I’ve come as an adult. (yeah, adult. not a teen, or a young adult — an ADULT)

It’s been a month already, and this one song continues to come to mind: Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield. This was my aunt’s graduation song when she completed her university degree; as she shared words of wisdom and advice, she mentioned this song and it’s been a driving force in my university career, thus far.

Funny enough, she’s actually at my school right now – doing something she absolutely LOVES: meeting new students/potential employees, and educating them on what they should know upon entering the finance/business field. #lifegoals #careergoals (well close).

I 100% enjoy my current part-time job as a Peer Learning Strategist Assistant. This is my second year taking on this role at school, and it amazes me how much I’ve grown, professionally because I never thought I would be so happy with what I do, as a student. I want to take this a step further and rename my title as a “peer mentor”, instead. My main responsibility is to help guide students with various learning disabilities (LDs), with time management, organization, and study skills; it’s my duty to help students stay accountable for their due dates, keep up with assignments, readings, and attend classes when they need to, while trying to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

My aunt says, she enjoys taking on new challenges and she loves what she does because, “everyday is different.” — this, too, is what I love about what I do. Forget the academic side (while that’s also a challenge… and I guess I’ve grown to ‘like’ it…ha), but in terms of my part-time job, I honestly can’t see myself in any other position right now.

The students I work with come from all sorts of walks of life, just like anyone else I would meet at a cafe or the grocery store. Everyone has their own story to tell, unique from everyone else. Your experience will never be the exact same as the person’s beside you. Even twins have different experiences. (studies proven — as learned from my Intro to Psych class) 🙂

For example, I have one student who is so clever and creative, that their designs on Photoshop and Illustrator, or whatever computer designing software there is out there – his designs are so impressive, and his ideas are highly innovative, it brings the biggest grin to my face. (Literally). And his, too! Today, is told me that he appreciates the conversations that we have and the feedback that he receives for the work he does because he works really hard on his projects and likes to hear encouraging words to keep him motivated. #purposefilled

Another example, is this one student who is highly involved with a varsity team and is strongly committed to maintaining her GPA as well as her performance on the team. Talk about motivation and passion. #motivated #passionate

I could go on and on about how one of them is the most flamboyant and positive, while another tends to be pessimistic but very intelligent – the list could go on. Each one has taught me a little more about myself and showing me a side of them I hope that they see.

They’ve taught me that, yes, school does get stressful, but it’s not just about getting assignments completed and studying enough for an exam. It’s remembering why you started in the first place. It’s about making it through the first month of the semester. It’s about making that new friend in Entrepreneurship Basics to swap notes with. It’s about the new tart you tried from the Market on campus. It’s about how far you’ve come, from where you’ve started. 

If you can remember why you started and where you’re headed, I’m confident that you’ll stay motivated enough to stick with it. You’re capable of anything you want to do. Like the students I work with, sometimes it takes a friend to remind you what you’re worth, what you’re capable of. Your abilities are far greater that your “dis”abilities.

Happy studying! Keep your chin up, or else you’ll end up with a double chin! HAHA.

-LifeisaBeaut ❤

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