Always More than Enough: Part 1

Good morning followers! It’s been two weeks since I’ve blogged, and there’s a logical reason for that. Long story short, I’ve just started my summer job last week, and nearly every evening, I had other time commitments with friends and family… Hence the lack of time to blog. I promise, I did try to make time, but each moment I got into the mood to blog, I nearly crashed. You know the feeling, right?

Anyway, today I’ve titled this post “Always More than Enough”.

I’ve learned this lesson: when you pray or ask for something, you expect to be answered. Upon finishing my second year of university, I had been searching online and elsewhere for summer employment, whilst preparing for a mission trip was highly confident I would be participating in this summer. I was SO SURE that things were going to work out “perfectly” as planned, with a summer job being the back up plan.

I reiterate: When you pray or ask for something, you expect to be answered. I had been fundraising for my mission trip since February of this year, and started searching for work by the end of March. Exams rolled around and funds were coming in for the mission trip, while applications for work received no responses other than, “Thank you for your application. Your files are being reviewed and processed. Qualifying applicants will be contacted for interviews.”  This became a daily occurrence for nearly one month. Eventually, one organization emailed me the most upsetting work-related email one may receive, other than getting fired. An organization told me that I was NOT the candidate they were searching for. Ouch, right?

Stick around for part 2.

-LifeisaBeaut ❤

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