Hey everyone!

Thank you for joining my blog! As you read through my posts, I hope to encourage you to be inspired, take time to reflect and be a motivator to those around you.

Why did I choose, “LifeisaBeaut” for my blog name? What does beaut even mean???

Last year, I was inspired by the journal entries I had and written, and the idea to start a blog and share my experiences with the world, had sparked. I wanted something genuine, unique, and beautiful. So as every creative idea starts, I visited Google and searched up words that related to beautiful. Stumbled on the word beaut, and voila! The lightbulb came on and LifeisaBeaut was born! 🙂

I write testimonies, faith-building stories, and enlightening poems from the heart. I believe in journalling and documenting special moments, and please feel free to comment, ask questions, and share anything on my blog that you find uplifting.

My goal is to spread positivity and share my testimonies of love with you.

Happy reading!

— LifeisaBeaut ❤

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Rosalyn says:

    Hey Ash.. Congrats with your blog! More than anything, thanks for sharing your stories. I can relate to so many of them… I too read the Purpose Driven Life when I was in my 30s married with 3 kids. It was so insightful! I remember using my yellow highlighter and scrumming through the pages, making sense of every line. It was very helpful for me at the time to make sense of what I was going through as a wife, a mom of 3 kids, a professional working full-time making waves at work to be recognized for my worth and value in the workplace ~ but more importantly who I am as ME = It was becoming blurry. This book strengthen my belief in the power of our creator, the all-mighty Jesus and why things are the way they are and to find the higher meaning for all that goes on in our life.

    Continue to spread the word girl! You have come so far and the sky is the limit. I know that you will touch many lives in your lifetime. So proud of you.

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    • lifeisabeaut says:

      Thanks Tita! I truly appreciate your encouraging words. You’ve always been an inspiration in my life, and I pray that you continue being a positive influence to those around you. You’re the token of your sphere of influence, and I have confidence that this gift will take you places! Stay tuned for more posts! 😀


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